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You can see big-picture goals and then boil them down to small details, seeing exactly which steps you need to take to reach the finish line. You can be charming and smart, as well as brave and loyal.

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But you carry the added pressure of finding a healthy balance on a daily basis. These strong influences can easily make you the loud, rude, bossy person that no one wants to work for or live with. Be the gentle, humble, driven individual you're capable of, and the world will be yours! You have the ability to dream big and follow through.

January 28 Birthday Horoscope

This makes you a whiz in the workplace and a strong, respected leader at home. Those that have earned your trust will reap the rewards thanks to your loyalty and willingness to train, teach, and carry them with you on your way to success. You can temper your outgoing nature with a modest, gentle attitude, which makes you approachable.

You set tough goals and are your own toughest critic, but that's what makes you the best! Your high expectations can sometimes get the better of you. Those who follow you don't want to let you down, but if they do, you may be especially critical and demeaning. You like things done a particular way and to a certain degree of perfection.

It's hard for you to trust that others will give the same energy or attention to detail like you do. Relax a little! Libra Diplomacy x Hesitancy Perhaps to make their sign happy, people born under the sign of Libra are usually prudent, balanced and harmonious.

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In any case, they think before they do something. It is possible to find hot-headed individuals among Libras, but they are very rare exceptions. Scorpio Toughness, Strength x Fanaticism, Uncompromising People born under the sign of Scorpio can think very clearly, they have a good judgement and can assess situations very well. They also have a good memory and a very creative mind, which is characterised by its originality.

January 28 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 1

Sagittarius Enthusiasm, Power to persuade x Boastfulness People born under the sign of Sagittarius bear the seal of the ruler of their sign, Jupiter, which symbolizes justice and happiness. They are therefore optimistic, active, social and very honest, sometimes to the extent that their directness hurts others, without them being aware of it.

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Capricorn Concentration, Reliability x Bitterness, Sadness Capricorn sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, which gives people born under this sign peace, patience, perseverance and ambition. These people are able to put maximum effort into work they have chosen to do or which they were told to do. Aquarius Friendship, Originality x Rebellion, Outsider People born under the sign of Aquarius are influenced by two different planets. Saturn gives them peace of mind, concentration and persistence, while Uranium is responsible for their restlessness, originality and short temper.

Pisces Selflessness, Dedication x Easily influenced People born under the sign of Pisces are just like people born under the sign of Aquarius influenced by two planets. Love you all Leo. Paris This profile describes me to a "T" and I'm honoured and blessed to share a special day with all of you lovely people I'm a motivational speak teacher and trainer and ice always been confident and independent despite my awful background and upbringing Follow me on fb parismotivates gmail and survive grow inspire on fb Love peace and belated birthday wishes to you all Lynneshia cobb I do believe that everything above is really true about me.

The real leo I thought i was the only one. Idk if that's a male Leo thing or what but I'm very independent, confident, determined, proud, and extremely loyal.. Yes very protective of loved ones.

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I'm not materialistic at all either like Leos are always described.. I HATE shopping. Anam I totally agree on above horoscope. A non-egotistacal Leo Some of this sounds like me, but the part about being confident that isn't me like at all. I also have very low self-esteem I don't really try all that hard in what ever I do. I'm actually quite lazy and I'm not competitive at all.

And I hate people with egos and I don't let a little ego get in the way of my emotions to anyone. But everything else was like yeah that sounds like me' this was fun to read. I don't know how to add this or if I'm doing it right so if I've made multiple of the same thing I'm sorry. Sry I'm late.

Aquarius Horoscope 2024

I despise arrogance and have somewhat low self esteem I've often seem to blur the lines or can't seem to tell much difference between confidence and arrogance which I guess is why I tend to hold myself back and don't feel good about myself Kelly HBD one and all! Today is a good day to try and go out and make a good business deal I suspect. Sooo, without further ado, I shall. Carole Happy Juky 28th birthday to all of us. Jackie Kennedy was born on July 28th!!! Kebba Absolutely rite,,,, Thumbs up to 28th July,,, Eceptional.

Kay Happy birthday to all of those who share my July 28 birthday!

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Justice Happy Birthday to us! Gautam Very very true Proud to be born on this day, the great july!!! Michelle Dupraj Soooo very true, no other can be like a Leo born on the 28th July, and we r da luckiest peeps to alwys have a solar return.

Georgia lol this is exaclty me. Derrick Hello to my 28th of July family. Did you guys know that there are , of us that was born on the same day and year? Jbar Make that , - same day, not yr. Alice HI!!! Neelam Very true Your name:. Love you all Leo [Reply] [Cancel reply].